Eat Whatever You Want… And Still Lose Weight

Eat Whatever You Want... And Still Lose Weight

“I’m fat because of my genes.”

Have you ever heard that?  I used to say it; I probably used to believe it.

80% of my family is… well let’s just say, they couldn’t fit a whole lot of my family in an elevator.

It’s true though that is seems like overweight people have overweight kids, right?

Unfortunately, only 5% of obesity can be attributed to genetics.  That is not much.

Have you ever seen 5% of something?  That’s like one chocolate chip of a chocolate chip cookie.

5% is pretty small.

So if being overweight runs in families but isn’t genetic, what’s causing it?

Knowing the cause, can help you lose weight starting today!

Okay, now I know you want to lose weight, nearly everybody does.  So what is it those 25% of people that aren’t overweight do to stay thin?

Sure, maybe 5% of them are genetically predisposed to be skinnier than average.  Still, that leaves 20% of people who aren’t battling the bulge.

So here’s the dirty little secret the food industry doesn’t want you to know.

Losing weight is easy… as long as you take on the habits of a naturally slim and healthy individual.

The diet industry would love to sell you one pill after another while their evil cousin the food industry keeps adding on the pounds.  And that’s what these two industries (often run by the same corporations) are doing to you and I right now.

A while back, I started studying people who are naturally thin.  What I discovered was that thin people have TOTALLY different eating habits than overweight people.

For my studies I would literally take a thin person and an overweight person out to eat. (Free meal for them, cheap research for me!)

I would sit them down across from me in a booth and study how each person ate.

The difference was like night and day.  The pattern was obvious from the very first experiment but I continued with dozens of people.

The pattern I discovered ALWAYS held true – 100% of the time.

Now you know why thin people have thin kids and overweight people have fat kids.  The kids model their eating habits from their parents.

Would you like to know how a thin person eats?

I’ve found that as long as you eat with the habits of a thin person you will become a thin person.  If you eat with the habits of an overweight person, you will be fat.

What I discovered is an overweight person chews his food approximately 4 to 8 times then swallows quickly, never putting his or her utensils down between bites.  An overweight person doesn’t pay any attention to full signals until his or her stomach is screaming in protest.

On the other hand, a naturally thin person follows a simple three step pattern.

  1. They take a small bite (I can’t tell you how many times I saw a naturally thin person cut each chicken nugget into 3 or 4 pieces while the overweight subject ate 2 to 3 nuggets at a time)
  2. A thin person chews his or her food 20 to 30 times, putting their utensil down between bites
  3. After chewing, a naturally thin and healthy person checks his or her stomach to feel if they are full.  When they feel full, they stop eating.

That’s it!

Those are the three eating habits that all naturally thin and healthy people share when it comes to eating.

It’s amazingly simple:

  1. Take a small bite.
  2. Chew at least 20 times.
  3. Check if you are full (and stop eating if you are).

And naturally thin people tend to eat whatever they want.  They don’t deprive themselves.  In fact, they’ll tell you that they eat like a horse (they don’t, I’ve watched).  The point is they don’t feel deprived.

Neither should you.

If you’re overweight, try it out.  I bet you can’t even eat half of what you normally would when you use the thin person eating habits.

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