They Got ME!

They Got ME!

There I stood…listening to the echo in this cavernous warehouse.

My frustration instantly hit a nine out of ten.

Half an hour ago, I thought “Sure, how bad could Costco be on a Friday afternoon?”

Those of you now snickering can tell I have rarely been to this frantic freeway of people loading monstrous boxes of Oreo cookies and frozen pizzas into gargantuan carts.

It’s like getting dropped into a retail Jurassic Park where everything is ten times its normal size.

I have a list of five (undoubtedly oversized!) items to buy and what seems like five acres of real estate to search.

Where’s the team of bloodhounds when you need them?

Plus it’s Friday afternoon (oh did I mention that already) and I have had a LONG (read e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-n-g) week.

Out of the seeming abyss of my now zombie like mind comes this thought…

I’m tired.  It’s three o’clock. I need to get that certain brand of energy drink. You know; the one that “gives you hours of energy”.

And then I’m off.  Scurrying around this expanse of endless gray, doggedly obsessed with finding this energy drink.

And I will not give up.  You know the feeling.  You’ve been there.

I search high and low, peering through aisle after aisle.  I just knew that delightful little treat was hiding amongst one of those mile high shelves.

Fast forward forty five minutes later… I’m standing there, looking at this box of energy drinks.  Recovering from my zombie-like trance, wondering what could have possibly prompted me to buy this?

I don’t even like energy drinks.  They taste like cherry flavored Pepto Bismol.  They make me all jittery and I start talking so fast I start stuttering like Porky Pig.

Then it hit me.

Those @#$% got me!

Me! A Master Hypnotist who’s written two books on persuasion. They used the techniques against me… and they WORKED!

My mind now fully recovered, I searched the memory banks and realized I had been watching an old sci-fi TV show on  And THAT energy drink was being advertised to me over and over again.

As soon as I got that “230 Feeling” standing there in CostCo my unconscious mind, doing what unconscious minds do best, went to solve the problem for me with the information I had inadvertently given it.

Those advertisers are good!

Just think about it right now… how many times have you bought something or, even worse, had an unstoppable craving for a certain brand of sugary, fatty or salty delight.

Where do you think that craving came from?

That’s right.  It was implanted in your mind by some advertisement.

Don’t believe me? That’s cool.

Next time you go shopping and buy any name brand product ask yourself why you’re buying it.

You’ll probably come up with some rational sounding reason.  Go ahead and buy, it’ll make you feel good.  And then later, when you think about it, nine times out of ten you’ll realize you saw some advertisement for it.  If it’s a great product then it’s great that you bought it – that advertising was really beneficial.

Now if you just bought a 900 ounce soda and a ten pack of some extra cheezy artistically named tacos, that ain’t so good!

Just think about your cravings and realize now that you are being programmed by the food industry for “A late night Craving” or “An Indulgence You Deserve.”

Nobody is immune.  Not even me.  The difference between me and you is I realized what was happening.

Those energy drinks are still sitting on a shelf in my pantry.

Can you say that about your last craving?

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