Life Balance: Is Your Brain Worn Out?

Life Balance:  Is Your Brain Worn Out?

When I first begin working with a new client they always tell me the same thing.

“Listen Ryan, my life is totally out of control!  I’m desperate.  I feel like a spinning top. I’ve lost any direction that I used to have and I can’t see where I’m going anymore.”

Whether that area of life is Family, Career, Business, Health or Relationships, almost all unbalanced paths lead to weight gain.

There is a very simple reason why this occurs.  It has to do with your brain’s physiology and the way that fantastic clump of gelatinous gray matter was created.

Before I go into the gory details of how the brain really works I want you to ask yourself, what area of your life is ‘out of control’?

If you are overweight then some part of your life is out of balance – guaranteed!

Sometimes there are multiple areas that are wrecking your life.

So what is it for you? Is it work? Family? Relationships? Those are the top three.  I have even worked with a Shamanic Healer having a spiritual crisis that lead to an over consumption of potato chips.  Nobody is immune.

I want to ask you one more question that I ask of all of my clients:

“Why are you being so selfish?”

Now you’re saying to yourself.  “I’m not selfish.  Everything I do is for everyone else!  You can’t accuse me of being selfish…”

Now that we’ve got that initial reaction out of the way, let me explain…

If you are anything like 99% of my clients you never take time to yourself which means you ARE EXPECTING EVERYONE ELSE TO MEET YOUR NEEDS.

You are failing miserably by not taking into consideration all of the people around you who are hurting because you are ignoring your own needs.

You are probably grumpy, emotional, demanding and impossible to please because you are so focused on feeling like a super-human that you’ve forgotten about everyone else who has to deal with you.

That abyss of emotional scum inevitably builds up and pops its nasty head up somewhere in your life.  Typically, by making you fat.

Every time you make a decision, whether big or small, it requires energy within your brain.  We all know that energy comes from food.

Everything you do, all of the little tasks, the big projects, even the shopping list; everything is a decision and you only have so much energy in your brain before you start making bad decisions.

That’s why, when you’re tired and emotional, it’s so hard to eat right.  You literally have run out of energy in your brain.   Just like an overworked muscle it becomes physiologically impossible to make good decisions.

Once you have worn out that poor overworked decision maker, that’s it, all of your decisions will then be based on your basic animal instincts.

What are these animal instincts that automatically surface when you’re under stress?

“Eat and Preserve Energy!”  In other words GET FAT- tough times are here!

What do you do after a particularly grueling day?

Most people eat a big meal then lie on the couch watching TV.  Now you know why.  Your brain is plum tuckered out and all it can do is channel your inner caveman or cavewoman.

So what can you do?

You have to take time to do deep breathing, meditation, yoga, self hypnosis or some other form of relaxation every day.

“Quiet time” is the only way to effectively recharge your mind’s decision maker.

The more stress and/or decisions you are making in a day, the more time you need to recharge your mind.

When I’m under a tremendous workload I’ll put myself into a trance for ten minutes every couple of hours.  That keeps my mind fresh, clear and calm.

So stop being selfish and take time to breathe and relax.  You’ll be more effective and you’ll be much nicer to be around.

It will also help you to make better food choices!

For the deepest, most rejuvenating, reinvigorating relaxation possible plus the immeasurable benefit of automatically craving healthy foods, increasing the amount of self confidence that you possess, massively reducing stress, loving to exercise and banishing emotional eating for good, be sure to get your Gastric Hypno Balloon Program – and change your path TODAY.


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